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In a world where life moves fast, we all need something that can help us activate our minds and bodies. Activate coffee is a blend of the finest Colombian, Guatemalan, and Brazilian coffee, carefully balanced to provide the perfect cup with health benefits.

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The perfect organic Coffee for Wellness.

Certified Organic - Non-GMO

Smooth, bright, and easy to drink with a mild finish and a sweet, pleasant aftertaste. Our Sana Organic Coffee has been lightly roasted to bring subtle fruit sweetness and bright notes of honey, caramel, and cocoa. Low in acidity in order to be friendly with your stomach, along with a delicate, velvety body, Sana Organic Coffee is available in Medium Roast.

Origin: Honduras
Roast: Medium
Low Acidity: Yes
Non-GMO: Yes
Variety: Arabica
Organic: Yes
High Altitude: Yes
Sustainably Sourced: Yes
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Our Promise to you

Non-GMO, Certified Organic by CCOF, and 100% Arabica beans from Honduras. The sustainable practices by the farmers such as composting the cherries (fruit of the coffee bean) and using the compost as natural fertilizer, and the use of worm castings are very effective for natural fertilizer (vermiculture).

No chemical inputs are used. The high altitude of the Marcala region in Honduras, where the Sana Organic Coffee grows, is a perfect environment for fewer insects in the area, so no insecticides are necessary. If there is ever a bug problem, farmers learned over the centuries to plant peppers between the rows of coffee plants as a natural repellent for bugs.

Low acidity. The high-altitude coffee beans bring a naturally deep flavor that we are able to enhance with a crafted roasting process respecting the natural flavor characteristics and the wonderful sweetness of the aftertaste while preserving the low acidity quality.

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